Translating a South Korean brand for the EMEA

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Specialisms Utilised.

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The Challenge.

G-Smatt was founded in Seoul, South Korea. Their media facade glass and structures provide an innovative way to interact with and influence audiences – the perfect canvas for the imagination for architects, interior designers, and event planners.


G-Smatt’s legacy, look, and feel needed to resonate with an entirely new culture. 

Our Approach.

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We first took the time to understand the organisation and their high-tech products. By researching the marketplace, we gained insight into the competitive environment they faced. We also analysed their target audiences to understand their pain points and drivers. These helped us develop an on-point brand, guidelines, content, tone of voice, vision, and a suite of collateral.

The new brand was so well received by the EMEA region that the parent company is adopting it to roll out across other global markets.

The Results.

Multi-Million € Pipeline

Since the rebrand G-Smatt has established a multi-million € pipeline from the hundreds of initial demos and meetings booked as part of the EMEA launch.

Expansion Opportunities

G-Smatt saw several additional franchise options taken up within twelve months of launch.

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