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Building a strong brand: the key elements of visual identity

What do you need to consider when creating your business' branding? What elements are key to visual identity? In our eBook, we break down everything you need to know about creating a strong visual identity for your brand.

The best Christmas versions of famous logos

Explore festive rebrands with our top Christmas logo transformations – perfect for holiday marketing inspiration!


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Our journey to B Corp Certification: The first steps

Embarking on B Corp certification, h2o creative aims for impactful business with transparency and accountability. Read about our journey.

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Why some brands opt out of Black Friday sales

Explore alternative ethical Black Friday campaigns for a sustainable future.

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Some reasons you’ll love working with us

Discover the benefits of partnering with h2o, an Oxford-based marketing and design agency dedicated to delivering innovative, results-driven brand experiences.

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Social media tools: Which one's right for you?

From Buffer's free membership to Hootsuite's comprehensive social scheduling tools, which one's right for you?


Outsourcing your website vs developing in-house

Explore the dilemma of in-house vs outsourced web development. Uncover costs, strategic insights, and tailored advice to make an informed decision.


3 Tips when deciding on SEO vs. SEM

Unsure about SEO vs. SEM? This blog explores 3 tips to guide your strategy, drive effective traffic and improve your online visibility.

B2B Wholesale Ordering Software

Transforming B2B wholesale with bespoke ordering software

Discover the transformation of B2B wholesale with bespoke ordering software. Dive into the challenges of traditional order management and see how modern tools enhance efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Designing for Impact

3 Tips for building a strong visual identity

Create a brand that resonates and captivates. Explore our 3 tips for building a strong visual identity in today's competitive landscape.

3 Tips For Your First Customer Journey Map

3 Tips for your first customer journey map

From defining personas to visualizing the entire process, learn how to enhance your digital marketing efforts and create more engaging experiences with Customer Journey Mapping.