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Distributor Ordering Tool.

Wholesale ordering, made simple.

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At h2o we understand the challenges faced by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to manage orders and maximise ROI. Manual forms, phone, email and clunky ordering processes can often threaten a business's ability to compete and grow.

Our solution is DOT - an easy-to-use platform proven to help make your order transactions smoother and faster, while allowing you to make smarter data-informed decisions resulting in increased basket sizes. It's time to say goodbye to spreadsheets, paperwork and unnecessary admin.

Distributor Ordering Tool Image

What is DOT?

DOT (or the Distribution Order Tool) is designed to capture correct orders with minimal fuss. Fully customisable to your business needs - whether simple ordering or complex data- the intuitive platform allows your customers 24/7 access to product ranges, pricing, visibility of stock and placing orders with ease, without the need for layers of admin in-between. 

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By streamlining the sales process and utilising DOT to sell smarter, your business will see fewer errors, more substantial and frequent orders including a comprehensive data insight of your customer engagement with your products.

Key features

Easy to use

DOT has been designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to use. The streamlined navigation makes placing orders straightforward and the user-friendly layout allows for effortless browsing and selection of products offering a seamless experience for users of all technical levels.


Your customers' information is our top priority, and every DOT is built with robust security in mind. Our industry-standard encryption protocols ensure sensitive information, including personal and order details is in the safest of hands. We can even set strict permission controls to prevent unauthorised users from gaining access giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Fast ordering

Using DOT, all users will experience a significant reduction in time placing orders. With quick search functionality, customers will find specific items easily navigating through options and selecting desired products in just a few keystrokes making it much faster and more efficient.

Increased ROI

By automating the ordering process, we eliminate the need for manual data entry reducing the chances of human error. This leads to fewer order errors, returns and greater customer satisfaction. In addition, the ease of use allows for fast processing resulting in shorter turnaround times - ultimately driving repeat business and generating faster ROI.

Smooth transactions

DOT is the ideal solution for smooth transactions, offering a seamless and efficient experience for both your customers and your business. With our API your business can integrate seamlessly with existing systems, such as inventory management and CRM software, enabling real-time updates and accurate tracking of orders.

Real-time reporting

Beyond ordering, DOT provides valuable insights through comprehensive reporting and analytics. By leveraging this advanced data and analysis capabilities, your business will gain access to customer habits, purchasing patterns and sales trends. You can even find detailed metrics and KPIs that allows you to monitor sales performance, track order volumes, identify popular products and measure customer satisfaction.


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With DOT, businesses like Harley-Davidson and Weber Inc. have significantly improved their order management, eliminating errors, boosting communication, and harnessing data-driven strategies.

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