Celebrating 18 years of h2o creative

As our marketing agency marks its 18th year, we thought we would reflect on our journey so far! Since 2006 our agency has evolved from a passionate start-up to an expert marketing agency working with clients across the world.

The early years

We embarked on our journey in the early days with boundless enthusiasm, fueled by creativity, and propelled by a passion we had the marketing world at our feet. Back then, it was about enjoying the ride, learning from experiences and relishing the freedom of entrepreneurial spirit. This approach gave us opportunities to experiment with our strategies and still feeds into our ethos today.

The learning curve and perfecting our strategy

Much like the journey from adolescence to adulthood, we went through a significant learning curve. We faced challenges, made mistakes and learned valuable lessons. We experimented with different strategies, discovered our strengths and most importantly, understood the importance of adaptability and resilience in a dynamic industry.

Zack D'Arcy Willett, Creative Director and Founder of h2o creative

Zack D'Arcy Willett, Creative Director and Founder

Creativity, strategy and foresight: Our matured approach 

Now, as we celebrate our 18th year, our agency has grown into a strategic communications expert, working with some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the world. We've matured in our approach, emphasising not just creativity but also strategy and foresight. We've transitioned from merely creating content to crafting communication strategies which resonate with our clients' goals and target audiences.

When you turn 18 you are considered an adult. You begin to gain responsibility, make informed decisions and contribute meaningfully to the world. Similarly, our agency has matured into a responsible entity. We've taken on the responsibility of our clients' success, understanding the weight of our role in shaping their brand narratives and achieving their communication goals. 

We’ve also acknowledged and taken on the responsibility for our social and environmental impact. ‘Growing up’ means we have realised we want to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and socially responsible world. Our journey to become a B Corp allows us to hold ourselves accountable to these values and take meaningful actions to create a positive impact.

Iain Stewart, Managing Director

Iain Stewart, Managing Director

Key milestones

Reflecting on our journey, there are key milestones that stand out such as landing our first major client, the expansion of our team, staying ahead of the curve by adopting cutting-edge technologies and developing a robust strategic planning function. These milestones symbolise our growth, each one marking a step closer to adulthood in the business world.

What’s next for h2o creative?

Just like an 18-year-old envisions their future, we have aspirations for the years ahead. We aim to continue evolving, staying ahead of industry trends and delivering even greater value. Our commitment to our clients’ success through creativity and strategy delivery remains unwavering as we embark on the next phase of our journey.

We raise a toast not just to our agency but to the incredible individuals who have been a part of our story. Our team has been the driving force behind our evolution. Looking ahead, our team remains at the core of our ambitions. We envision a future where each team member continues to grow, learn and contribute to our shared success. Our commitment to fostering a collaborative and innovative environment is key as we embark on the next phase of our journey.

As we look back with gratitude, we also look forward with anticipation, confident that the best is yet to come. Here's to 18 years of growth, learning and success and to the many more milestones on the horizon because we’re just getting started!