Email marketing for beginners: a how-to guide

Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience directly. They’re incredibly cost-effective and offer a high return on investment. But to reach your audience, you must bypass spam filters and the clutter in their inbox.

The more personal the content is to the recipient, the better chance they’ll open your email. So your subject line – and the email itself – should be tailored to the recipient. But how do you even begin to add personalisation? That comes from your data, which gives you insights into who you’re talking to. With automation, you can streamline tasks that schedule your emails.

We’ve put together a helpful guide, explaining step by step what you need to know about email marketing, from start to finish. What’s the difference between an email service provider and a content management system? Should you integrate both? What features should you look for? What’s the ideal length of an email subject line? What KPIs should you use to measure the effectiveness of your campaign?

It’s all here, and so much more. Download our ebook, Email marketing for beginners: a how-to guide.

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