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h2o has written a blog on the Gillette advert which references bullying, the #MeToo movement and sexual harassment.
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We Believe – My Opinion of the Gillette Advert

We Believe – My Opinion of the Gillette Advert

Thank heaven for this advert. Let’s talk about it. Let’s have a conversation about it. Sexual assault is no longer a taboo subject or something victims feel like they can’t talk about.

When Gillette unveiled their video questioning whether this is the best a man can get, to say that it sparked some lively debate online is a bit of an understatement. As usual, Twitter users discussed their difference of opinion in a calm, adult and respectful manner. As a result, the hashtag #boycottgillette was trending shortly after.

Those men (and, also it’s important to mention, women) who were wildly offended by the advert are missing the point of Gillette’s marketing campaign, ‘We Believe’. It addresses serious issues like sexism, sexual harassment and #metoo. I think many would associate the #metoo movement to just be about women but it’s about everyone to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment.

The video was always going to spark conversations and with the help of social media, the topic went haywire. Reactions to the commercial were always going to be mixed and expectedly extreme. This is a very modern World and people are going to boycott the razor company’s products.

  The advert sure did get the conversation flowing…

I believe the video to be inspiring and stand-up to bad male behaviour. It is not okay for a man to touch a woman’s butt or make sexual remarks. The video shows that men should be role models for the younger generation or even men in the same age group. It’s not putting all men into one category; it’s highlighting the bad male behaviour.

Years ago, even as little as 5-10 years ago, it would have been brushed under the carpet to make slimy comments to women and for women, especially in the workplace to just shut up and get on with it as if it’s not a big deal.

Quotes that stood out to me from the advert:

  • “It’s been going on far too long” — it has done. For years and years. The #metoo movement is critical in this change of attitude and actions.
  • “You can’t laugh it off” — no more brushing it under the carpet.
  • “Making the same old excuses” and that “Boys will be boys” — boys should be able to act how they like? Absolutely not. Male and female victims that fall victim to harassment undergo mental health issues like lack of confidence, relationship problems, failure to turn up to work etc.
  • “Because the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow” — if a boy sees a man act a certain way, they will probably grow up thinking that is okay.
Yes, the image is of women posing, happily, with ‘sexy’ latex outfits with Gillette plastered on their rears but this photo is probably 10/15 years old and what’s the shame in changing your branding for your product and moving forward?

I’m not a feminist but I do believe men and women are equal. We actually just had a debate in the office over who should pay for the meal on a first date. I said go Dutch. A guy said the same although would probably end up paying and a female said the man should pay 100% or at least offer to pay or go 50/50. People still live in old school ways which I don’t believe in, especially in the 21 Century.

To the people who have #boycottgillette products then I say, Gillette, you’re better off without that type of person purchasing your products anyway. The advert alone would have gained more buyers than losses. It’s like the term “all publicity, is good publicity”

It’s not just about treating women with respect as a man but treating everyone with respect. Treating everyone equally and I think some narrow-minded people still think of men and women as unequal. Not the case my friend. Once we break that barrier of thinking men and women are different and should be paid, treated, spoken to differently, that’s when everyone will win.

“Let damn boys be boys. Let men be damn men.” Excuse me if I’m putting words in Piers’ mouth but is he saying he thinks sexual harassment is okay? Or has he just got the wrong end of the stick? 

Many brands are jumping on the social justice bandwagon at the minute. Lazy or insincere campaigns that try to cynically tap into the cultural zeitgeist of ‘virtue signalling’ can dilute the efficacy of genuine campaigns by creating audience apathy. Gillette’s campaign feels authentic. When you consider that the business has pledged to donate $1m per year for a minimum of 3 years to non-profit organisations that inspire the men of tomorrow, it’s clear that this is a company shift and should be applauded.

Although this was aimed at men, I feel it could also spark things in women’s mind to watch their behaviours too. It’s not just men that act out. It would be fantastic if this was a catalyst for everyone being a bit kinder and more considerate.

Although this was aimed at men, I feel it could also spark things in women’s mind to watch their behaviours too. It’s not just men that act out. It would be fantastic if this was a catalyst for everyone being a bit kinder and more considerate.

Megan Tyce