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Specialisms Utilised.

The Challenge.

Pass the Keys UK aimed to boost its brand awareness and encourage potential prospects to engage and sign up through a targeted marketing campaign in Marston, Oxford. The goal was to find a high-visibility location within Marston to ensure repeat exposure and maximise the campaign's impact.

Our Approach.

Petrol pump advertising campaign

Understanding the importance of location and context in advertising effectiveness, h2o creative took a unique approach by launching a petrol pump advertising campaign. Leveraging the unique position of Marston's only petrol station and an environment where customers are more likely to be receptive to marketing messages—during the relaxed, mundane act of refuelling their cars. Understanding the customer's mindset during these moments was crucial to choosing this strategic and effective approach.

Localised marketing campaign

The campaign ran for two weeks, with an estimated reach of around £16,000 of potential prospects, a figure based on the petrol station's average customer flow and the demographic data of Marston and surrounding areas.

The campaign's creative elements were carefully designed to capture attention and convey the value proposition of Pass the Keys UK succinctly and effectively. The ads were strategically placed on petrol pumps, ensuring maximum visibility and facilitating repeat exposures, as many residents in the area visit the petrol station regularly.

The Results.

Increased brand visibility

This innovative strategy not only maximised visibility in a prime location but also ensured that the message reached customers in a receptive state, significantly increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Tangible results

The client reported a noticeable uptick in inquiries and interest in their services during and following the campaign period.

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I cannot recommend h2o enough. They offer 360 services and have managed to take on all our marketing needs, ranging from branded collateral, online ads to petrol pump ads! They take care of everything from conception to delivery and I have been amazed by their speedy turnaround time, friendliness and effective campaigns.

Nicole Conn

Pass the Keys UK