Building a bespoke paint calculator tool

Annie Sloan

Specialisms Utilised.

Client Annie Sloan's bespoke e-commerce site

The Challenge

It is not always clear how much paint you will need to cover the surface you are painting. So, Annie Sloan asked us to develop a user-friendly paint calculator for their website. The goal was to empower customers to estimate the exact amount of paint needed for their projects, eliminating the frustration of running out midway.

The Approach

The primary objective was to enhance the customer experience by providing a seamless tool that accurately calculates the required amount of paint based on the project dimensions. Our aim was to create a versatile and intuitive paint calculator that would cater to a diverse range of painting projects. 

The design phase focused on creating a user-friendly interface that had an intuitive design with clear instructions, ensuring a seamless experience for users at every step of the calculation process. 

The development took into account various factors, such as surface area, paint coverage per square foot, and the number of coats required. This was fine-tuned to provide accurate estimates for different scenarios. 

The paint calculator stands as a testament to the successful integration of technology to enhance the overall customer experience in the realm of DIY painting projects.

The Results.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and positive brand image

Customers now have a reliable tool at their disposal, reducing the risk of underestimating or overestimating the amount of paint needed for their projects.

Increased website engagement

We saw increased user engagement on the website. Visitors spent more time exploring the tool, leading to a positive impact on overall website metrics.

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