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The client launched a thought-leadership campaign based around a central knowledge centre on their website.


  • The client required a monthly update of new content to assist their SEO efforts and to maintain their industry expert position within the market.
  • The topics needed to be relevant to Essentra’s industry and timely to demonstrate that the brand has it’s finger on the pulse of the latest innovations within the industry.


  • h2o used our social listening tools to monitor key topics that were relevant to the key industries of Essentra. This monitoring revealed key themes and dictated the topics of the thought-leadership articles.
  • Using our social listening tools, we created 20 relevant and timely article topics per month. Once they are agreed with the client, our copywriting team then produce the articles for the website.


The thought leadership campaign has been rolled out to international versions of the client website, h2o has been tasked to do this and has been given access to the client’s CMS system. This demonstrates the quality and accuracy of the topics created.

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