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About This Project


The official registry for .uk domain names and developer of leading-edge technologies to support the internet. Nominet deploy sophisticated analysis to tackle cyber threats and find new ways to connect people and devices.


  • Test new propositions and products with limited awareness
  • Support and drive targeted leads for conversion by the sales teams
  • Limited budgets and short timescales to launch campaign
  • Lack of any developed direct channel in place


We started by researching campaign themes to discover what resonated with the audience, while providing ‘reasons to believe’. We then created campaign materials to test the market and help sales teams and partners convert leads. In support of these materials, we designed and built a campaign microsite to allow changes to be made as the proposition and sales material was tested. We also included parallax functionality to maximise engagement.


The materials created interest among prospects, providing support and opportunities for the sales team. The campaign theme proved so strong that it has been rolled out and is now the platform for all marketing activity and collateral.

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