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About This Project

Party at Park

The client hosts one of the largest rugby festivals in the country. They hold an annual weekend-long festival with a range of sports tournaments including hockey, netball and rugby for a variety of abilities.


There have always been live musical acts performing in the evenings for the players and spectators to enjoy in the evenings after the sport has finished.


However, the organisers were looking to broaden the appeal of the festival to non-sports fans, promoting the music element of the event as a stand-alone festival. They approached h2o with the brief to create a separate brand, promote this new brand and drive ticket sales to create a successful debut for the new music festival.


  • Create a new brand without damaging the existing, successful product
  • Raise awareness of the new brand
  • Avoid duplicating audience targeting with original brand
  • Drive sales of a totally unknown brand
  • Create a community for future sales and engagement in following years
  • A very limited budget
  • Promoting music, which has historically been a secondary consideration at the event, as the primary reason to attend


  • h2o created a separate brand identity for the new event. This was clearly different to the existing ‘Chester 7s’ brand
  • Created multiple social media campaigns that raised awareness of the event
  • Worked with local media, creating press releases and ensuring that the event appeared in local social media groups, ‘what’s on’ webpages and local print media
  • Organised regular contact with performers and vendors to ensure they were promoting the event to their followers
  • Responded the customer queries promptly to avoid any potential barriers to purchase
  • Created and executed promotional paid campaigns to raise the profile of the event to the target audience. This included competitions
  • Managed the event’s ‘social media presenters’ who were local influencers to maximise their ability to promote the event and increase traffic to the ticketing website
  • Live tweeted the event to provide regular updates and encourage last minute attendees, as well as creating demand for the following year
  • Organised a ‘wrap up’ campaign that collated feedback and social media assets for next year’s social media promotion campaign


Following the conclusion of the social media campaign, there was already an excitement for the following year’s event. Evidence of this is a wrap-up post summarising the event on Facebook that had over 450 interactions. The Party at Park brand identity has been established as an easily recognisable event with social media playing a key role in driving an audience to the event – 10% of attendees can be attributed to social media activity.

h2o has created a successful social media presence for the brand with over 10,000 followers collectively. This resulted in over 100,000 impressions per month leading up to the festival. With the brand becoming increasingly visible and familiar in the target audience’s consciousness, year-on-year growth is a viable and realistic option for the event.

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