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About This Project


IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure. At Sophos they know that the solution to complexity is not more complexity. We delivered a sector specific campaign that had one simple goal: deliver more sales.


  • Raise awareness of Sophos amongst school and college IT network managers
  • Limited insight into current markets, drivers and challenges
  • No structured communication programme to existing customers
  • Disparate target audience with different needs, from budgeting issues and multi-campuses to existing contracts


We created a whimsical campaign with legs that covered DM, eDM, guides and infographics to support lead generation. The ‘gated’ value-added assets we developed also helped target and follow up content based on what we learned from the campaign. We also created a toolkit so that partners could adapt and use the campaign.


By using a core theme for both customers and prospects, we maximised budget efficiencies. The click-through rate and consumption of value-added content exceeded the target. Because many of Sophos’ customers buy through resellers, not much was known about them. This campaign allowed Sophos an enhanced window to their customers and prospects. With enquiry targets surpassed, the campaign delivered strong sales leads with higher-than-anticipated sales.

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