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Sungard AS – Global PPC

About This Project

Sungard AS

A global IT management & recovery services provider looking to drive targeted traffic to their site and convert to high quality leads.


Traffic Promotion and Generation

As a global provider of IT services, Sungard AS’ primary objective was to drive relevant, researched and targeted traffic to specific sections of and/or service-centric landing sites. They requested the creation and management of a global paid advertising strategy comprising of multiple campaigns covering numerous markets, including the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK.


Sungard AS required a bespoke way to display and view all aspects of activity, from PPC & GDN campaigns to page performance, in real time to allow informed decision making based on actual data points.


With evolving requirements for different regions, h2o needed to remain agile as new briefs and campaigns involving third-party partners came in.


We began with a full and comprehensive audit of all accounts to analyse current performance and identify what was working well and where opportunities for improvement and growth were. 


A complete account restructure was required for each region, aligning business objectives to PPC goals and creating a Global Paid Advertising Strategy focusing on Google Ads, Paid Search & Display. 


By collaborating closely with Sungard AS’ digital team, we identified services within the business to priorities and developed campaigns and creative to reflect Sungard’s offering and brand, with the aim of using ongoing testing and making regular, data-driven changes to continually improve results. 


Through a structured & continuous process, we optimised the campaigns on a daily basis to improve the quality of those seeing the ads, interacting with the ads and converting on site. 


A series of interactive Google Data Studio dashboards were designed and developed, each with the ability to select a time period to pull data from as well as the option to compare with the previous period.

The Results

h2o achieved Sungard AS’ primary KPI’s of increasing relevant traffic and conversions from PPC, with monthly clicks increasing by 300% and conversions by 154% within 6 months.  

  • 300% increase in traffic from PPC
  • 8% increase in CTR
  • 262% increase in Conversion Rate
  • 60% reduction in Cost per Conversion

As a result of the dashboards created, Sungard AS now have access to more detailed, real-time data, empowering them to make better & informed decisions and accurately track the return of their investment.

(Time period- December 2020 to June 2021)