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About This Project

Unipart Group

Unipart Group brings together manufacturing, logistics and consultancy in a set of products and services that create imaginative solutions for their customers. Our program objective: create an internal knowledge sharing platform to connect their disparate workforce.


  • Unipart has a diverse workforce in multiple locations around the globe
  • There was a clear need to improve collaboration and communication between management & staff across the wider businesses
  • To continue to grow and be successful Unipart needed an effective way to share knowledge, new ideas, best practice and improved ways of working
  • They knew the ideas that could deliver a real difference to the business were there, but they needed a solution to enable them to act on them faster and deploy the best ones business wide


  • To create a secure proprietary, enterprise social networking platform for our client
  • We designed & developed a bespoke solution delivered across multiple platforms, for both the web, iOS and Android devices
  • Our proprietary system included everything you’d expect from a modern social networking platform; a news feed created by users posting video, text and images with the ability to like, comment and share content
  • We created an administrative layer enabling the monitoring of content giving selected users the ability to remove posts if necessary


We connected all employees and provided a solution that increased collaboration, communication, engagement and productivity across our client’s multiple global offices enabling them to change the shape of their future, faster.

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