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Annie Sloan


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Specialisms Utilised.

Client Annie Sloan's bespoke e-commerce site

The Challenge.

Annie Sloan, a heritage paint company, faced a common e-commerce challenge: re-engaging customers who had abandoned their shopping carts. The objective was to encourage these potential customers to complete their purchases, thereby increasing overall sales and revenue.

The Approach.

Abandon Cart Email 1

Annie Sloan Abandon Cart Email Journey

To address this challenge, we implemented a comprehensive email automation journey. 

Our approach included:

Audience segmentation

We segmented the audience based on their prior purchases to tailor the messaging, ensuring that new and existing customers received relevant content.

Multi-step journey

Initial engagement: An abandoned cart email was sent one hour after cart abandonment. This included real-time content based on the contents of their basket. For new customers, we also added a 10% discount code to encourage their first purchase.

Follow-up strategy: For existing customers, If no purchase was made, another reminder email was sent after three days, now including a 10% discount code. We also added dynamic content with recommended products based on purchasing history to entice customers. This sequence helped maintain engagement without overwhelming the recipients.

Abandoned Cart Email Journey
Abandon Cart Email 2
Targeted markets

Separate journeys were created and customised for four key markets: UK, US, Poland, and EU, each tailored to the specific preferences and behaviours of customers in those regions.

The Results.

Immediate success

The journeys started generating results immediately. With an above 10% success/conversion rate.

Increased engagement

All emails continue to see above avg. engagement rates. With >50% open rates and >13% click through rates.

Looking forwards

Due to the success of these journeys we are now looking to roll out multiple automations throughout the customer lifecycle.

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