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The Challenge.

Cadonix is an innovative design software company. Yet it was hard to tell that from its existing brand. With the business primed to expand into new markets and grow its customer base, its marketing efforts lacked strategy, direction and purpose. All of which meant Cadonix was struggling to differentiate in a competitive market.

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Our Approach.

We took on the creation of a new brand that would steer Cadonix well clear of the old, homegrown style it was used to. This involved not only a new look and feel but a whole new marketing strategy, value proposition and tone of voice.

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Using its business strategy as a jumping-off point, we devised a digital marketing campaign that was fully aligned with its updated product offering. We focused efforts on the most important customer segments and identified the leading buyer personas. Then we set about driving engagement through an integrated pay-per-click (PPC), email nurture and organic social media blitz.

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Cadonix landing page mobile preview

We produced blogs, wrote thought leadership articles and created outbound emails to support the targeted PPC campaign. Taking prospects from ads to bespoke landing pages and through to product-oriented content, we went from concepts to launch in just three months.

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