Generating leads in a competitive digital landscape


leads generated from campaign activity.


increase in organic traffic.


increase in the number of keywords ranked for.

The Challenge

Cadonix, a leader in automotive cloud-based CAD software, aimed to enhance its market presence and drive growth through targeted digital marketing strategies. However, they faced challenges in expanding their brand awareness and generating leads in a competitive digital landscape.

The objectives were clear: increase brand awareness, generate organic and paid leads, and improve conversion rates. Achieving these goals required a multi-faceted approach, focusing on PPC, social media, and SEO, amid evolving search engine algorithms and intense market competition.

Our Approach.

We devised a comprehensive digital marketing campaign centred around three key pillars:

PPC (Google Ads): We set up a Google Ads campaign with a bespoke lead-generation-focused landing page (HubSpot), targeting high-intent keywords to maximize ROI.
Social Media: We leveraged both paid and organic content distribution to engage with potential leads on platforms where they are most active.
Website and SEO: Significant efforts were made to enhance the website's SEO performance, including optimising existing content and creating SEO-rich blog posts to attract organic traffic.

These strategies were implemented with a focus on data-driven decision-making, allowing us to adapt tactics in real time based on performance analytics.

The Results.


Over 350 leads were generated from campaign activity across these channels. 

Organic traffic

We saw an astonishing increase of 583.5%, with daily traffic surging from 133 in February 2023 to 909 by January 2024.

Keyword rankings

Cadonix now ranks for 1,075 keywords, a 193.7% increase from the previous year, indicating enhanced visibility across search engines.

SERP features

Achieving placement in Google's SERP features, capturing approximately 8% of all organic clicks for selected keywords, thereby significantly boosting visibility and traffic.

Social growth

Social media followers doubled in one year!

PPC results

Click-through rate that is double the industry standard.

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