An interactive game that caused a buzz

The Challenge.

Curium, a premier player in the nuclear medicine landscape, attends the prestigious British Nuclear Medicine Society (BNMS) event every year. This year, in addition to the usual stand design, Curium wanted to up their game with an innovative strategy to draw potential customers in and gather vital leads.

Our Approach.

Our idea was to design a bespoke, interactive game that would entice visitors to the stand while also seamlessly aligning with the Curium brand.

Drawing inspiration from classic games, we pitched two distinct game concepts - a modern twist on 'Hook a Duck' and 'Beat the Buzzer'. These games were chosen for their universal appeal and potential for engaging interaction. 

In both games, the focus was not just on entertainment but on creating a narrative journey aligned with Curium's brand. From the colour schemes and branding to the information relayed during the games, every element was thoughtfully designed to reflect Curium's ethos and market position.

The Results.

Increased footfall at the Curium stand

The game naturally piqued peoples' interests and they were drawn to the stand.

High levels of engagement

Visitors spent more time at the stand, with the game being a real conversational starter. 

Lead generation

Everyone was keen to be part of the leaderboard, resulting in a great influx of leads.

Enhanced brand recognition

The interactive stand left a lasting impression of the brand in visitors minds.

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