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The Challenge

In conjunction with the launch of their online retail site, Harley-Davidson required an email program to engage their existing customers across Europe, while simultaneously introducing the world of H-D clothing and accessories to a new audience. The eCommerce site was launched in 13 markets and in 6 languages, making it crucial to understand the challenges of marketing to a diverse, culturally distinct audience. While awareness and exposure was a fundamental focus, the most important goal was to create a highly cost-efficient solution.

Our Approach.

Email journey Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With a significant and loyal audience base, a refined and targeted email program was the perfect way to leverage customer loyalty while keeping costs low and returns high. We designed an engaging programme consisting of four sends per month, showcasing product launches, seasonal campaigns, and brand-relevant stories that resonated with customers.

The program utilises several advanced techniques:

  • AMP scripting: Enables the tailoring and translating of content across 13 markets in 6 different languages, ensuring a personalised and engaging experience for each recipient.
  • Dynamic content: Dynamic content blocks deliver highly relevant messages based on user preferences and behaviours.
  • AI-Driven send time optimisation: Fully utilising Einstein from Salesforce Marketing Cloud including send time optimisation for individual recipients, maximising open rates and engagement.
  • A/B split testing: Continuous A/B split testing to refine subject lines, content, and layouts, ensuring ongoing optimisation of campaign performance.
Personalisation Example.

Personalisation Example. Bikes shown depended on recipient's preferences.

As a result, within the first 12 months, the program saw a massive 831% ROI through online purchases and a 154% growth in revenue year-on-year, with average open rates jumping from 22% to 43% overall.

The Results.

Increased Revenue + Exposure

The email programme contributed to the overall growth in revenue, YoY. It also delivered significant site visits, resulting in increased opportunities for retargeting ads.

Engagement & Data Health

Consistent and quality sends increased not only the engagement on specific campaigns but elevated our understanding of customers' preferences. Allowing us to serve them content they really cared about.

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