Implementing a new lead management tool

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impressions from social and PPC in 2023.


new leads from social and PPC in 2023.

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The Challenge

Freedom Boat Club (FBC) needed a robust solution to handle incoming leads and communications with existing and potential members. We helped by onboarding them with a new Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) / Email Service Provider (ESP) - Get Response.

The Approach

FBC hadn't used an ESP before, so we started by sanitising and preparing their data. This involved removing invalid email addresses and any duplications, then checking in-opt status and running a warm-up/re-engagement campaign. 

After this, we moved on to mapping out their customer journey from lead to member - taking into consideration all potential touch points and data entry points, ensuring FBC were covered for every eventuality.

The CRM platform was prepped to take in leads from events, digital ad campaigns, in-person sales and traditional print campaigns via a combination of QR codes, tracked URLs and landing pages. We also installed relevant analytics and tracking pixels for future audience analysis and retargeting campaigns. 

All of this ensured FBC had a solid foundation for all future lead generation and comms management. 

The Results.

Fully functioning lead management environment

FBC were able to effectively segment their leads based on entry type. This enabled personalised messaging and automations for each audience group.

Better communication

A singular platform meant centralised communication and one source of healthy, engaged data for the sales team.

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