Delivering a visually stunning animated experience

Specialisms Utilised.

The Challenge

DragonPass International specialises in providing airport lounge access across 1300 airports. They collaborate with other businesses to offer access to airport lounges and exclusive discounts at airport amenities. One of their partners, Mastercard, needed to create a ∼1-minute animated video for their 'Mastercard Travel Pass Mobile Application'. They wanted to engage with their Spanish audience who are unfamiliar with doing things digitally, particularly when it comes to travel.

Our Approach.

To ensure we produced an engaging final product, we decided to adopt a phased approach. Starting with a persona setting phase, we went deep into understanding the target audience, their preferences and demographic. This initial discovery work allowed us to tailor our creative direction to resonate with the intended viewers.

Following this, we transitioned into a storyboarding process, where we mapped out the narrative and visual elements to create a captivating storyline. Then in the animation phase, we used the storyboard to bring each frame to life. We then carefully selected a localised artist to create a voiceover that complemented the visuals and told the brand's message.

The Results.

Exceeding the client's expectations

This approach ensured that the output video animation not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, delivering a visually stunning and narratively rich experience for their target audience. 

Producing further content

The client is now considering creating and running a series of video explainers in different languages. They're also looking at white-labelling videos for their other partners and services.

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We came to h2o wanting to develop a promotional video for one of our applications that we built for our clients Mastercard. h2o really took the time to understand our needs and were incredibly engaged in who we were as a business and what we wanted to achieve. The team were given a tight deadline by us but they managed to complete our brief ahead of schedule and the outcome was fantastic.

Colin Watson

DragonPass International