An inspiring space to fuel innovation

Specialisms Utilised.

The Challenge.

Cadonix, a renowned name in the wire harness design industry, embarked on an ambitious project to establish a new Research and Development Centre. They needed our help to bring this vision to life!

The approach.

We started the project by conducting an on-site visit to understand the space and collaborate closely with Cadonix to capture their vision. This step was crucial in ensuring that the final designs would seamlessly integrate with the architectural nuances of the site.

The next step was to start designing the crucial elements, including:

  • External designs: The primary focus was on creating an eye-catching shop frontage and a prominent car park totem to make an impactful first impression and to help them stand out in the business park. 
  • Internal branding: The design team used large format graphics, acrylics, and vinyls to create an inspiring and brand-aligned environment. 
  • Functional aspects: The team worked on the strategic placement of technology and equipment to ensure a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality. 
Cadonix spatial office redesign

Cadonix research & development centre design

We also hosted a creative workshop to develop a room naming convention. The objective was to define each space within the R&D Centre with a name that was significant to Cadonix's brand and industry. We had several ideas but ultimately decided on Triumph motorcycle names such as Thunderbird and Daytona. This theme spoke nicely to the heritage of the building ( it used to be an old Triumph motorcycle shop) while also being relevant to the automotive industry. 

Finally, we transformed our designs into detailed 3D models to bring them to life. This innovative approach allowed Cadonix to visualise the proposed branding elements in situ, ensuring alignment with their expectations and the physical space.

The Results.

An innovative workspace

The finished design transformed the space into a reflection of Cadonix's identity and an inspiring and functional environment for innovation and development.

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