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The Challenge

Essentra Components was looking to create a suite of product videos to engage visitors and support in driving product knowledge, enquiries, sales and cross-sell opportunities for their e-commerce site. 

The videos needed to be 1-2 mins long and have a consistent approach and structure. To start, they needed a series of around 15 videos, that included an introduction to the product and range, an overview of how the product is fitted and used, and a summary of key features and benefits. The videos then need to be translated and produced in multiple languages to cater for their international audience.

Our Approach.

We began by creating a detailed project plan that took into account the availability of stock and product applications. The project involved several important steps, such as developing a script for each product, creating a storyboard framework for consistency, outlining the structure of each video, identifying and recording voiceover talent, and conducting both onsite and studio live-action filming.

We also carried out post-production editing, developed supporting animation, finalised English master versions ready for translation, and created subtitled language versions, resulting in over 75 videos. 

To make the filming process more efficient, we gathered detailed information to help us determine the best order in which to shoot each product and maximise the number of products we could film during each session.

Creating the videos

To ensure that the focus remained on the action rather than the individual, we recommended using a voiceover instead of an actor for creating the videos. For the best viewer experience, we suggested filming live footage of the products being demonstrated. This footage would then be overlaid with onscreen text and light-level animations in post-production editing to provide additional information and visual cues that support the key messaging.

You can see an example of one of the videos below.

The Results.

Full roll out

The Essentra team were delighted by the videos created and these are now being used across the eComm platform. 

More videos

Due to the positive feedback and user experience, the client is now looking to roll-out this approach and expand the number of product videos produced in the coming year.

Repurposing the content

Furthermore the videos are also being repurposed and used in social content to promote the product ranges and drive awareness and additional visitors to the website.

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