Rebranding to represent premium market position


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increase in page views.


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The Challenge

Cadonix, needed to update its branding to accurately portray its position as a premium brand in the market. Their main product, Arcadia, had become a top-tier offering, and their branding needed to reflect this new position. 

Cadonix was ready for its next phase of growth, but to achieve this, the perception of the business needed to mature and reflect its market position. To accomplish this, they needed to create a brand, web presence, and digital sales strategy that would resonate with their customers and position them as innovators within the wire harness industry. 

The Approach

To help Cadonix achieve their goal we undertook a brand overhaul, creating a new look and feel, a strong value proposition, and messaging that focused on the benefits of their products.

We started by performing a deep dive brand review and creating a strong new value proposition. This included establishing Cadonix's key target audiences, and their pain points and identifying how Cadonix's Arcadia solution could simplify, empower and streamline prospects' workflows. We then created a new visual identity along with core and supporting messaging to underpin the value proposition.

Putting all of this into action we took an objective view of all the touch points across both digital and print. Exploring new typefaces, concepts, colours and overall aesthetics we produced a series of new logo mockups and applied the concepts to real-life applications; from websites, posters, digital marketing comms and adverts, layering in the value proposition messaging framework to demonstrate the new brand in action.

The Results.

Full roll out

This new brand identity, value proposition and messaging were rolled out across all marketing communications.

High visibility

This was then followed up with a holistic marketing campaign. Incorporating PPC, social media, and SEO focused content that has seen Cadonix rise to the top of the search engine rankings and solidified their premium market position in the industry.

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