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Specialisms Utilised.

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The Challenge.

It’s easy for launch events to fade from automotive writers’ memories, and with it, the cars being touted. Working with the press team, we were asked to help support the launch of the new Ateca model to the UK’s automotive journalists in this very competitive market.

Seat needed an innovative event to showcase their new Ateca SUV and show how different they were from the norm. They needed to inspire journalists and give them the time of their life so that they couldn’t wait to talk and write about this SUV and Seat. 

Our Approach.

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Taking an empty warehouse in central Manchester, a drive away from the overnight prior stop, we created an innovative first for a press presentation: the drive-in movie.  This was a far cry from the standard press communication. The full-width Barcelona skyline became a drive-in movie for over 20 cars, all with perfect sight of the screen. To complete the presentation, usherettes served drinks and popcorn to the press team.

Seat Ateca Stage

Journalists immediately tweeted about this fun and radical approach to a press presentation. It was voted the top launch presentation of its year, generating significant industry buzz, PR, and column inches for the car, positioning the brand as young, fun, and innovative.

The Results.

The first of its kind

We turned an empty warehouse into an innovative first for a press presentation: a drive-in movie. Wowing the press and generating significant industry buzz, PR and column inches for the car. 

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