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The Challenge.

4x4HQ, an established player in the automotive aftermarket industry, approached us with a clear objective: to significantly boost their online presence and Shopify sales. They needed a partner who could navigate the competitive e-commerce landscape and accelerate their growth across global markets.

The Approach.

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Using our expertise in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we created a comprehensive strategy tailored to 4x4HQ's unique needs. 

This included:

An initial audit

We began with a thorough SEO audit of their Shopify site, which provided crucial insights into areas for improvement. We also carried out in-depth keyword research to identify high-value search terms relevant to 4x4HQ's product range. This audit informed our content updates across the site, improving rankings, readability, and overall quality.

Google Merchant Center enhancements

Recognising the power of Google Merchant Center for e-commerce visibility, we streamlined 4x4HQ's product listings. We also automated the Shopify to Merchant Center feed, ensuring seamless updates and optimising product information. This enabled us to maximise ranking potential and visibility in Google's shopping results. 

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Optimising the PPC strategy

We then moved on to optimising their PPC strategy. We refined the geo-targeting of live campaigns, focusing on the most profitable markets to maximise ROI. The campaigns were restructured based on our comprehensive keyword research, and we crafted new, compelling ad copy to drive engagement. We also ensured the combination of shopping and search campaigns were complementary to one another and not competing against themselves. This created a powerful, complementary strategy to boost overall effectiveness and improve ROI.

Throughout the process, we maintained a data-driven approach, continuously monitoring performance metrics and making real-time adjustments to optimise campaign performance. 

Our holistic approach, combining technical SEO improvements, strategic content updates, and refined PPC campaigns, created a harmonised digital marketing strategy for 4x4HQ. 

Within the first three months, we saw improvements in their search engine rankings and PPC performance, which led to increased site traffic and, ultimately, a significant boost in Shopify sales.

The Results.

Sales and traffic boost

We achieved a 36.58% increase in sales and a 47.72% rise in overall site sessions within 3 months.

PPC performance improvement

Our optimised PPC campaigns reduced Cost-Per-Click by 27.17% while increasing conversions by 4.38%.

Continued optimisation

We will continue to optimise these strategies to dive sustained sales growth and maximise ROI.

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