Helping to establish an exciting new startup

The Challenge.

Connected Apps is a technology start-up, seeking a better way to find and receive contract work. They are currently focused on the railway industry, aiming to pair railway contractors with job roles, whilst facilitating all admin on the app. The website is in a pre launch phase, while the app is still being developed for launch in March 2024. 

They needed h2o to work as a reliable extension of their team and as a full service partner. This is to ensure the success of their business and brand across every creative, content and marketing touch point.

Our Approach.

We worked closely with Connected Apps to enhance their brand visibility and online presence for their Connected Railway brand. We adopted a dynamic approach, starting with creating SEO-rich copy for their website. With a short turnaround time, we ensured that their digital footprint was engaging whilst also being optimised for search engines. This enabled potential customers to discover them effortlessly. 

We also understood the importance of in-person networking and took charge of designing and supplying marketing collateral tailored for shows and events. This helped to create a lasting impression on their target audience. Additionally, we provided full input into their social media strategy. We worked across various platforms such as LinkedIn, in order to enhance engagement and brand awareness with exciting copy and creative content.

The Results.

Securing Sign Ups

While this is only the start of Connected App’s journey, they have already seen success by securing new sign ups, increasing their social following and having impactful meetings to secure new partners.

Impactful Marketing Ecosystem

As their go to marketing partner at this early stage, it allows us to have discussions and tactics on growth, with the use of our video, creative, digital and development services to push their brand further into the spotlight.

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