Optimising user engagement with A/B testing


Improvement in goal conversions.


different variations tested.

Specialisms Utilised.

The Challenge

Sungard Availability Services (SungardAS), a provider of IT production and recovery services, faced a critical challenge in enhancing user interaction on their website, particularly in increasing interactions with the contact form, live chat, and sales/support calls. With a primary goal to boost contact form submissions without sacrificing live chat conversions, SungardAS needed a strategic overhaul of their call-to-action (CTA) elements to improve overall user engagement.

The Approach

We embarked on an A/B testing journey, experimenting with various CTA configurations to identify the most effective layout for SungardAS's website. The team designed nine test variations, focusing on two main sections: the sticky CTA and header CTA, each with different colour schemes (red and green) and placements (full width, floating right, and header). The experiments aimed to find the perfect balance that would encourage more interactions while maintaining a seamless user experience.

The Results.

Increased contact form interactions

The winning combination, a full-width green footer CTA paired with a green header CTA, significantly increased contact form interactions, showcasing an improvement between 205% to 1147%.

Enhanced user engagement

The green CTA versions consistently outperformed the red versions, likely due to better visibility and positive reinforcement associated with the colour green.

Strategic insights for further optimisation

The experiment provided valuable insights into user preferences and interaction patterns, allowing us to implement the most effective CTA configurations and explore additional strategies for optimising other website elements.

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