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The Challenge.

How do you make sure the majority of your 10,000-strong workforce are up to speed on your latest news? That was the issue facing Unipart Group – a large, complex organisation that operates globally. With divisions including Logistics, Rail and Manufacturing among others, there’s always something big happening within the business that others need to know about.

Our Approach.

Traditional approaches to internal comms involve passing on the latest news through printed newsletters or word-of-mouth down through organisational hierarchies. One is expensive. The other isn’t always very effective. We wanted to go direct to every employee.

Through regular editorial meetings with the CEO, Chair and heads of each division, we are able to quickly identify the most compelling stories and support the strategic direction of the business. In addition to the 25-min main episodes, we spliced up news into bitesize edits that could be sent out at any time. We even re-edit the interviews and other content so the team can use it in customer-facing marketing.

In addition to producing the video series, we also developed a user-friendly, bespoke video management system on Wordpress, facilitating swift and efficient digital dissemination of the content. This system is seamlessly integrated with the company's internal intranet, ensuring that the most recent series is displayed and accessible to the entire company.




Distributed to over 10,000 employees from distribution centre operatives to the executive leadership team


Delivered via a custom built video resource site which enables story content to be searched and used as an expanding portfolio of marketing material.

20 - 25 min programme 8 times per year

Including mini-series and various video formats, over 2,800 editions have been produced.

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h2o creative is a local agency to our head office and the team is very in tune with our business and business needs. We have a fantastic relationship with the team, and they quickly build up a rapport with teams in the business when working on a project with them.

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