Brightening the path for young patients

Specialisms Utilised.

The Challenge.

The impact of hospital environments on patient well-being, particularly for children, is critical. Recognising this, Queen Mary's Hospital for Children wanted to transform a gloomy underground tunnel leading to the main St Helier Hospital into a more welcoming and cheerful space for its young patients.

Our Approach.

The primary goal was to revitalise the tunnel space, making it brighter and more appealing to children. The challenge lay in the physical characteristics of the space – notably, its artexed walls, which complicated the application of standard graphics or paintwork. 

Understanding the unique challenges of the project, we first carried out a detailed site visit to assess the space, take precise measurements, and brainstorm creative solutions tailored to the environment's limitations.

Given the texture of the tunnel's walls, we determined that a traditional mural painted directly onto the surface would be the most effective approach. The theme chosen for the mural was "Teddy Bears and Rainbows," a universally loved and cheerful theme intended to captivate and comfort the hospital's young patients.

The design process then started! We developed a series of detailed designs for the mural, incorporating a variety of teddy bears and rainbows to create a lively and engaging scene. Each element of the mural was carefully planned and sized to fit the tunnel's dimensions and wall textures, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing outcome.

Once the designs and measurements were finalised, we worked closely with a skilled mural painter who brought the vibrant concepts to life. 

The Results.

A transformation

What was once a dreary passageway became a bright, joyful, and engaging walkway for children and their families.

Happy children

The feedback from hospital staff, patients, and visitors was overwhelmingly positive.

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We're thrilled with the work done by the h2o team. Their suggestions were carefully considered and their final artwork perfectly captured our hospital's essence. Thanks for your invaluable assistance - we look forward to working with you again!

Dejan Kocev

Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust